About Lampas

Lampas in brief

Lampas designs and manufactures professional lighting where the focus is always on design, quality and craftsmanship.

Our lights are created to provide value, no matter whether it is dark or light. They are designed to last, and that applies to both the materials and the design.

Since it was founded in 1971, Lampas has collaborated closely with designers and architects to develop exceptional lighting. We are based in Kolding, where part of our production is also located, including the forging, powder coating and the assembling of lights.

We can advise you on lighting plans and lighting requirements

Our staff of professionals are passionate about lighting and are qualified to advise on both architecture and lighting techniques.

We care about every phase of the lighting solution we are involved in. From the individual product design to the overall lighting plan. We have built up extensive knowledge and experience in the art of positioning artificial light in indoor and outdoor environments. That´s why we can also advise you on lighting requirements, on where to place lighting so that it creates character, on where not to waste light, light pollution and everything else that should be included in a good lighting plan.

We want our clients to feel that Lampas supplies high quality lighting that lives up to everything in their circle of need – lighting, security, atmosphere, energy-efficiency and the interaction between architecture, landscape and urban spaces.

Lampas is a part of HITSA

Lampas is a part of the HITSA Group of Companies. HITSA manufactures urban space inventory and cycling products such as benches, bollards, bicycle stands and shelters.

HITSA has the social inclusion of people on the edge of the labour market as one of its core values. We are striving more and more to include sustainability in everything we do and are following the overall strategy for sustainability from the HITSA Group. Find more about that in the group CSR report here. In other words, Lampas is a company that is rooted in Danish design and manufacturing history, and is constantly developing.

Belysningschef Søren Lauritsen

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At Lampas, we are the lighting specialists and understand everything that needs to be considered when creating attractive yet functional lighting. We´d love to share our experience with you, if you have any questions or have a challenging project ahead of you.

Søren Lauritsen

Lighting manager
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