Lysdesigner Anne Qvist portræt

Anne Qvist Design Office

When she works with design, Anne Qvist focuses on people, scale, sustainability and the sensuous.

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C.F. Møller Design

“The importance of good lighting in terms of creating rooms, mood, orientation and safety can almost never be overestimated, according to C.F. Møller Design

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Cubo Architects

Cubo Architects

“Lights should be designed to be visible and to add quality to the overall experience of a room's interior,” says Cubo Arkitekter. Their collaboration with Lampas began in 1998.

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DETALJER FOR VEDHÆFTNING  Designer_FriisogMoltke_partnerkreds_

Friis & Moltke Design

Friis & Moltke Design has been a part of Lampas' history right from the start. A number of the products designed in the 1970s are still being manufactured today.

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Jan Fugl and Kai Hansen

By collaborating, the ambition of these two designers is to achieve the optimal synthesis between shape, material and function.

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Luplau Poulsen Architects

Projects involving residential housing have often given architects, Luplau and Poulsen, new inspiration for innovative lighting solutions.

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Peter Bysted

In architect Peter Bysted's view, exterior lighting should compliment the space it illuminates, not dominate it. He's the man behind some of Lampas' greatest successes.

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Schmidt Hammer Lassen

The Cover light introduces an indirect “up-light” technique. This applies to both the bollard and post light solution. This indirect technique ensures soft light that serves as a good marker and navigator for users.

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Danish designer Bjarne Hammer

Studio Hammer

Design shapes change. The aim of Studio Hammer therefore is to help businesses in creating positive changes and solutions for users.

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Tom Stepp

A light should be “simple and unassuming”, in the words of Tom Stepp, who is both an architect and building engineer.

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Design that lasts is what characterises VE2. Durability and, wherever possible, recyclable materials plus a timeless, aesthetic design equal sustainability in VE2´s eyes.

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