Vejarmaturet MIRUM L1400
Studio Hammer
Lamp post in modern Danish design ANTO L1014
Cubo Architects
Luplau Poulsen Architects
Luplau Poulsen Architects
C.F. Møller Design
Street light fixture for Ø60 mm posts QUINTUS L500-60
C.F. Møller Design
Cubo Architects
Post light BALLO L807
Cubo Architects
Cubo Architects
Friis & Moltke Design
Anne Qvist Design Office
Post light COVER L701 by shl architects
Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Peter Bysted
Post light KONUS L1202
Torben Rix and Ole Bruhn

Post lights

Be inspired by these examples of post lights and street lights used in car parks, urban spaces, residential areas and more.

Inspiration Post Lights
Corten steel post light ANTO L1014

Post lights

Post lights are effective when there is a need for overhead lighting and plenty of functional lighting at a height. This may be in areas such as car parks where the light extends above the cars and creates good visibility for the car park user.

Post lights can also provide plenty of long-range light on pedestrian and cycle paths. The fewer shadows and dark spots there are on the path, the safer the pedestrian or cyclist feels.

In a square or plaza, a series of post lights can be used to define the urban space. The post light – the street light – was literally created for urban space lighting. Use it along with bollards to create a comfortable light, positive experience and cosy atmosphere.

Street lights in innovative architecture

For the developer, style and aesthetics often count as much as the amount of light and degree of functionality when choosing a light. At Lampas, we work closely with architects and designers to create exceptional lighting products that are also an aesthetic experience in daylight. We create and produce contemporary lights, which often have a minimalist or functionalist design.

Three different styles of post lights

Our post lights are created to support the urban architecture and landscape architecture. They complement the urban space or landscape with their high-quality and attention to aesthetics. At the same time, the different models have very different looks. The SOMBRERO L805 is in many ways reminiscent of a modernised street light that emits the light downwards from a visible light source at the top. It creates a pleasant atmosphere both in daylight and in darkness. The SOMBRERO L805 was designed by Cubo Architects in 2000.

The PIN L304 and COVER L303 post lights have a simpler look. They have broken away from the traditional idea of a head mounted on a post. Instead, the post and head have the same cylindrical shape. Both lights are discreet in daylight, where the COVER L303 in particular, with its completely transparent shade, allows the surroundings to come into play. At night, on the other hand, the two posts with their vertical, pillar-shaped light surfaces stand out clearly in the landscape. The PIN L304 post light and the COVER L303 post light were designed by Luplau Poulsen Architects. The two post lights are the same, apart from the PIN’s shade which is satiné. Both PIN and COVER models are also available as bollards.

A post light with an expression all of its own is the ADDO L95. Here, the old-fashioned street light has completely disappeared. Instead the designers at Friis & Moltke Design have created an innovative lighting product. The ADDO L95 stands erect in the landscape like a square post of steel. In the evening, when lit, it sends vertical streaks of light into the dark. It marks out paths and car parks in its very own unique way.

Post lights and lighting requirements

A post light or street light elevates the light source to a height of at least three metres, and therefore the post light disperses light over a greater area than the lower bollard light. This means that post lights are more efficient per post when it comes to fulfilling all classes of lighting requirements. At Lampas, we have extensive experience in preparing lighting plans. We are happy to advise our customers. This applies regardless of whether it is a light for a private company, a housing association, a municipality or a completely different context, where the client needs to ensure that the light fulfils particular lighting class requirements. For example, we can assist with finding products in the same style that meet the desired lighting requirements.

Several of our post lights are flexible and can be adapted to different purposes and locations. With post lights in the urban space, it can be a challenge to avoid unpleasant wasted light – light pollution – near the windows of houses and multi-storey dwellings. That is why we offer several products where the light can be targeted to one or more sides. The PIN L304 lamp post can be mounted with a shade, while the ADDO L95 post light can be closed or open on up to four sides.

Design classics with LED lights

A large number of our lighting products are classics, which were designed decades ago and have been in production ever since. In recent years at Lampas, we have upgraded all our lighting products with the latest LED technology, so that they meet today’s requirements for energy-saving light sources. In the same vein, we have improved the interior or the design with optimisations that facilitate installation and assembly.

Most of our post lights can be supplied powder coated in any RAL colour. This means you can adapt the lighting to match the design style of the housing association or company, to can create a unique or colourful style with using urban space lighting. We apply the powder coating ourselves at the plant in Kolding, which gives us full control over the quality.