Client: Hospice Djursland

Architect/advisor: C.F. Møller Architects, AART Architects

Electrician: Mariendal El

Year: 2007, 2020

Products: QUINTUS L500 Post Light

Hospice Djursland

Hospice Djursland was constructed with the intention of close interaction with nature. The trees and surrounding slopes can be viewed through windows, from balconies and exits. This is true of both the original hospice, designed by C.F. Møller Architects, and the extension, Strandbakkehuset, designed by AART Architects.

The QUINTUS L500 post light was chosen to provide lighting for the roads and car park. The simple, well-planned shape of the light with its black top and transparent cone-shaped shade offers discreet interplay with the buildings. QUINTUS L500 is a light that interacts and enhances its surroundings in the same way as does the architecture.

QUINTUS L500 was designed by C.F. Møller Design and has been supplied to Hospice Djursland in batches since 2007, when the hospice was first built. We have also delivered LED upgrades for the post lights.

The extension, Strandbakkehuset by AART Architects, was recognised as the best healthcare building in Denmark in 2021 by Nohrcon.

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