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Indoor lighting

See examples of indoor pendants, wall lights and ceiling lights used as a design element to support architectural style.

Inspiration Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting from Lampas adds quality and character to private and public companies. Use our wall lights and ceiling lights to compliment the visual identity of your head office, showroom or institution. With indoor lights from Lampas, you’ll not only have lighting that is highly functional, you´ll have a design that adds character to its surroundings.

Pendants, wall lights and ceiling lights for business

Lighting plays a big role in how we experience space and decor. A successful light is first and foremost glare-free – in the hotel corridor, by the stairs and above the meeting table. It lives up to a well-defined purpose such as work lighting, basic lighting or for mood-creating light. A good indoor light can also serve as a design object and a colour accent.

Lampas’ pendants, wall and ceiling lights were designed by Danish architects and designers. Our lamps are moulded in one piece and each detail of the design has been thought through. They are generally characterised by a homely appearance rather than an industrial one.

Lampas lights uniquely combine functionality with style. Details, materials and colours are carefully selected, or not selected, to enhance the total lighting experience created by each light. This makes indoor lighting from Lampas a choice that will stand the test of time. The design will last for many years.

Indoor lighting with an edge

When it comes to lighting for offices, meeting rooms, restaurants or lounges, the BALLO L804 is an exciting option. The light can be used wherever you would use a pendant light as a design element. It has an interesting dome shape and the metallic surface gives it an edge. Make a statement with the decor by selecting the BALLO L804 in a colour. The pendant was designed in 2000 by Cubo Arkitekter for the studio’s own premises in Aarhus.

BALLO is also available in a larger, white version, BALLO L804-500, which was created as a feature lighting solution for large rooms and institutions. Hang it wherever there is a need for a homely, welcoming feel which this high ceiling light will create.

The ACTA L53 was designed by Friis & Moltke Design, whose strong design philosophy helped lay the foundation for Lampas’ indoor lighting for institutions and companies. The ACTA L53 is a circular wall and ceiling light whose carefully calculated dimensions surpass its own simplicity and create a calm, exclusive appearance. Use the ACTA L53 in the hallway, main hall or in the stairwell. It is a choice of lighting that accentuates quality and durability.

With its oblong shape and small details that catch the eye, a rectangular indoor light like the OWEN L801 will always add a decorative element to any location. It will lead the eye along in the direction of other features you may want to emphasize such as lines and elements of the architecture. It can hang both horizontally and vertically. Both the OWEN L801 and the OWEN L800 were designed by Cubo Arkitekter in 2000 in connection with a new large-scale plan for the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Wall lights and ceiling lamps with LED

Something all of our indoor lighting products have in common is that they are made in a solid craftsmanship quality and of honest, robust materials. Lights from Lampas radiate durability, robustness and the care and thought that have gone into them.

Many of our most popular indoor lights were designed before LED lighting became standard. That is why Lampas has updated all our lighting products with LED light sources in recent years. We are also happy to replace the light sources with LED in lights we have supplied previously. Contact our lighting consultant to find out more.

With some of our products, not only have we updated them, we have also improved the design in terms of assembly or appearance, for example. With our indoor lighting, all lights can now be selected with a colour temperature of either 3000 or 4000 Kelvin.

In many cases, the brightness can also be adapted to the customer’s wishes. Our indoor lighting is designed to provide a pleasant, glare-free light in any location where people pass by.

Colours and materials for indoor lighting

Lampas’ range of indoor lights includes wall, ceiling and pendant lights. We can supply lighting that can be for surface mounted or semi-recessed.
The wall lights and ceiling lamps in moulded aluminium can be powder coated in any colour in the RAL system. Lampas has its own painting facility at our premises in Kolding, giving us full control over the quality. Our pendants are made from opal polycarbonate, which appears white, or aluminium, which can be anodised to a coloured surface.

Most of our indoor wall lights and ceiling lights are available in versions for exterior use. This provides an opportunity to create unity between the exterior and the interior. Our lighting consultant would be happy to advise on the options available.