Peter Bysted


Peter Bysted graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 1978 and has spent his entire career working in the field of design and architecture, with projects ranging from stamps to world expos. In 1987 he founded the design firm Bysted A/S and guided it to become one of Denmark’s largest design companies. In addition to numerous roles and positions within design and architecture, Peter Bysted has also been rector of the Danish Design School.

Around 1980, while employed by the architects FRIIS & MOLTKE, Peter met the founder of Lampas, Kjell Berentzen. This meeting led to Peter designing some of Lampas’s greatest success stories – the lamps MONK, LIGHTHOUSE and ANDERSEN.

Lighting, and in particular outdoor lighting, has interested Peter Bysted since his time as a student.

“For me, there is a special incentive with outdoor lighting to create context between the environment and the design. Light should reinforce the space rather than dominate it,” he says.

Peter prefers honest and recognisable materials but never compromises on the requirement that the design should be functional and sustainable.

Peter Bysted has been the CEO of design consultancy ICONO since 2010. Here his work involves, among other things, improving sanitary conditions in refugee camps – work that in 2016 resulted in a Danish Design Award for ‘The Child-friendly Latrine Project’.

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