Wall light ELMAR L3 Friis & Moltke Design
Friis & Moltke Design
ANTO L1010-160
Udendørs væglampe til erhverv
Luplau Poulsen Architects
L5U is an outdoor wall light in galvanised steel
Friis & Moltke Design
LIBER L6 wall light by Friis & Moltke Design
Friis & Moltke Design
Væglampen ADDO L96V af Friis og Moltke Design
Friis & Moltke Design
Anne Qvist Design Office
Cubo Architects
Lampas lampen OWEN L801 i sorthvid
Cubo Architects
Peter Bysted

Wall lights

Be inspired by these examples of outdoor wall lights used to indicate entrances, highlight doors and support architectural lines.

Inspiration Wall lights
Outdoor lighting at Danish parish house

Wall Lights

A well-placed outdoor wall light dresses up any building while clearly communicating where the access to and around the building is located. Few lamps communicate what you need to know as well as wall lights on a facade. They not only provide factual information about the location of the entrance, they also send out subconscious information about the type of residents who live there, or the company or institution that lies behind the facade. The impression can range from soft and welcoming to strong and distinctive. Wall lights from Lampas support a building or company’s visual signals about quality and the fact that they care in addition to pure aesthetics.

All of our wall lights are designed by Danish architects and feature a fully integrated and well-thought out design. They are generally characterised by a homely appearance rather than an industrial one. Lampas lights uniquely combine functionality with style. Details, materials and colours are carefully selected, or not selected, to transform the exterior light into a lighting experience.

Wall lights for outdoor areas adjacent to buildings

Lampas’ wall lights are featured in outdoor terraces in hotels and also add quality to balconies and corridors in residential buildings. They help to create a welcoming environment and a safe atmosphere on stairs, along facades and in garages and bicycle sheds. Our outdoor wall lights and ceiling lamps are also suitable for private homes.

Our outdoor wall lights stand the test of time in more ways than one. They have a design that can withstand changing fashion trends, and a functionality that is constantly updated, e.g. with LED.

Architect-designed outdoor wall lights

The LIBER L5U wall light, designed by Friis & Moltke Design, is one of Denmark’s most famous and iconic lamps. For many, it is the epitome of Danish retro. The light was designed in the 1970s as one of the first Lampas lights in the fruitful collaboration between Lampas and Friis & Moltke Design. The light consists of a steel plate curved in a semicircle around a light source, and it is still striking in its simplicity. Choose LIBER L5U in a single colour to bring the essence of classic, Danish design with a splash of retro into a contemporary building.

The small, cubic NYE L1001 wall light is part of the award-winning NYE series, designed by VE2. The idea behind this light is to provide a pleasant lighting experience and create an atmosphere by the entrance to the home. NYE L1001 emits light down through a wedge-shaped opening just like the other NYE lamps. It also casts a fan of light on the wall beneath it as a decorative detail. NYE L1001 is a modern outdoor light with an atmospheric light experience. This wall light would work well in a colour where, with its compact shape, a distinct splash of colour would add to the whole experience. The light is also available in corten paint, which matches the NYE bollard available in corten steel.

The OWEN L801U was originally created by Cubo Arkitekter for a project at the University of Southern Denmark’s campus in Odense. The elongated lamp can be both wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. After being updated with an LED light source, the light is now more evenly distributed in the rectangular light field, which is enclosed by a housing in die-cast aluminium. The light provides efficient, glare-free lighting, and can be used, for example, as a work light or feature light and has an inviting and welcoming design.

Glare-free light by doors and hallways

Wall lights often hang at head height in locations where people are coming and going such as at entrances or in stairwells. It´s important, therefore, that the amount of light is balanced in relation to the amount of traffic at this spot. We have lights that provide an effective overhead light without any glare. These are, for example, the round OWEN L800U or the oblong OWEN L801U. Other models are designed to cast a decorative light on the facade or provide a mood-creating light that is sufficient for finding your way by the door or finding the keyhole. This applies, for example, to the ADDO L96V, the OUTFIT L900 or the NYE L1001.

You can find light distribution curves and light calculation files for all our products on the individual product page. We are happy to advise you on how to use each of our wall lights to the greatest advantage. Contact our lighting consultant to find out more.