Tom Stepp


Tom Stepp is not only a qualified architect, having studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he also has a background as a building engineer. This has given him a particular insight into combining aesthetics and practicality. When designing his lamps, furniture and other products for the home, he puts his knowledge of materials and construction to good use. This also helped to make his VEKSØ bollard, designed in the 2000s, one of the most robust in the Lampas range.

When it comes to lighting, Tom Stepp is of the opinion that a lamp should first and foremost provide decent illumination – which is trickier than it sounds. One of the challenges is that a lamp should be glare-free, while providing maximum illumination for the energy invested in the form of wattage.

In addition to providing good light, a lamp should be ‘simple and unobtrusive’, to enable it to integrate well into different settings. The look should ideally offer a ‘slow’ experience, as Tom feels this makes the product more sustainable.

As the owner of Stepp Design, Tom is involved in designing a wide range of products in collaboration with a variety of Danish and international producers.

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