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“Designing good lighting is a natural extension of our work involving building architecture,” say Luplau & Poulsen, who have designed several classics for Lampas. One example is PIN, one of the best known and most recognised pole lights in our entire range thanks to its pioneering simplicity.

The collaboration with Lampas began in 1995 with the DOT* wall lamp, which was produced up until a few years ago and played a part in setting the standard for lighting design from Luplau & Poulsen. The studio still aspires to create lighting products that are simple, unpretentious and easy to integrate with modern architecture.

Residential building projects have often given Luplau & Poulsen the opportunity to devise great lighting concepts for both indoors and out. This is true, for example, of both PIN and COVER from the late 1990s, which were developed in connection with planning of large residential developments and urban spaces. The focus was on providing optimal, glare-free illumination with a distinctive and stylish look.

“The general parameters for our design process are always functionality, quality, aesthetics and sustainability in all respects. We strive for quality lighting with a straightforward, minimalist and timeless style, which can be combined at any time with changing architectural trends,” say Luplau & Poulsen.

Luplau & Poulsen also pay particular attention to details and materials used, which, along with collaborative production processes, are seen as an essential means to achieving long-lasting good-quality design at a competitive price.

Erik Luplau and Jørn Poulsen are naturally delighted to find their design considered timeless and that their work continues to live up to customer requirements for good design and top-quality lighting.

* under the name Apart Design at that time

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