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See examples, where mailboxes are used as a design element and part of the architecture.

Inspiration mailboxes


Lampas makes two mailboxes, and each radiates quality and a love of design in its own unique way.

The LIBER L17 mailbox, designed by Friis & Moltke Design in 1980, has become an icon of Danish design. LIBER L17 is the official name for the mailbox – but many Danes simply know it as the Lampas mailbox. The legendary mailbox is powder coated, but over the years, it has appeared in a variety of distinctive colours. That may be one of the reasons LIBER has become so well-known and loved. By choosing LIBER, you will have a mailbox that is both classic and retro, and where you´ll notice the quality that is second to none, every time you empty it.

In the 2000s, industrial designer Anne Qvist designed a new mailbox for Lampas. With very simple lines, she designed OUTFIT, a snug, rectangular mailbox, with a look that has been stripped of all unnecessary details. This mailbox is both a very innovative and minimalist choice of mailbox.

Both of our mailboxes can be supplied either ready to mount on stands or directly on the wall. OUTFIT can also be integrated into the masonry.

The mailbox is part of the architecture

The mailbox is an important part of the architectural unity of the facade along with house numbers and wall lights. Both of our mailboxes are part of a design series, which also includes signs and lighting products. Use the series to create a coherent visual expression for the business or home. In conjunction with the LIBER mailbox, the series also features a newspaper tube and a plate to cover an outside power supply cabinet.

In addition, our mailboxes meet all the functional needs that may be required. It goes without saying that the mailboxes are easy to use, keep letters and newspapers dry and allow you to display your name and address clearly. One unique detail of OUTFIT is that the lock and letter insert are concealed behind a plate that flips forward. The LIBER mailbox is available in two sizes, the L17 and the L18. The correct size of the mailbox does not only depend on how much post you expect to receive. It is also a question of creating a harmonious interaction with the other elements around the driveway and facade.

Both mailboxes are designed to last for decades in all kinds of weather. The material is hot-dip galvanised steel, which can then be powder coated if requested.

Designer mailboxes for private homes and housing associations

We are happy to help create complete mail solutions for housing associations and companies. Our mailboxes work just as well when hung individually or in a series.

If you are looking for a designer mailbox for your private home, please get in touch with us via the contact page.

At Lampas, we work closely with architects and designers to create exceptional lighting products that are also beautiful in daylight. Our mailboxes are also designed to live up to the same quality. Like our lights, they are created to accentuate architecture and landscaping. Their robust quality and well-thought out aesthetics add the finishing touch to any home.

When you choose a mailbox from Lampas you can be sure you are getting a product that meets the highest requirements both in terms of carefully considered design and quality.