Property developer: Søberg Advokater

Architect: Friis & Moltke Architects, MT Højgaard

Year built: 2008

Products: LIBER L17 mailbox

Giber Å

The grey, hot-dip galvanised mailboxes harmonise perfectly with the white, stuccoed houses in Friis & Moltke’s architecture for the residential area Giber Å near Mårslet.

Giber Å consists of 52 homes on two levels. The white terraced houses are laid out across a hillside and are surrounded by hedges and grassy areas. A LIBER L17 mailbox has been installed next to each home, and not only serves as a mailbox, but also acts as discreet design feature.

Repeating the use of grey mailboxes in identical material, in conjunction with the uniform houses and greenery creates an impression of tranquillity, unity and quality in the area.

The 52 mailboxes at Giber Å are manufactured with a pure, hot-dip galvanised surface, which means the service life of this solution will be very long.


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