Anne Qvist Design Office


“Design is a serious profession, which involves many processes, many people and a lot of diverse knowledge – all of which are condensed in an Anne Qvist design.” An Anne Qvist design expresses a pragmatism paired with respect for the design craft as well as respect for the context. These concepts are rooted in Anne Qvist’s academic background from the Aarhus School of Architecture and later as a designer and design manager at both Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Arkitema Architects.

When Anne Qvist works with design, she always focuses on people, scale, context, sustainability and sensuous aspects.

For Anne Qvist, design is a way of life; the way she lives, thinks and works. Design is a unique profession, which through processes, production and communication connects people with their surroundings, buildings, spaces and products in a meaningful and emotional way. Design can make a big difference – with the right choices design can contribute to create a better and more sustainable future.

The OUTFIT series designed for Lampas consists of both wall lamp, bollard and street lamp, and all these products move closer to the human being. Therefore, for these products, focus has been on those details that reach the human body and eye. Soft rounded edges for those things we need to touch with our hands. An overall trend for all the products in this series has been working with materials and production. Good and natural materials, which ensure long life and thus sustainability.

Read the interview with Anne in the Lampas catalog:

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