Client: Vonsild Parish

Architect/advisor: Cubo Arkitekter, LB Consult

Year: 2019

Product: OWEN L800U-320 wall- and ceiling light

Vonsild Parish House

The amber-coloured wood façade of Vonsild Parish House is glimpsed through a colonnade of white columns. The parish house thus echoes the colours of the large, yellow-painted, classical Vonsild Church standing alongside.

The parish house has been designed by Cubo Arkitekter and is a building in two parts. At one end is a chapel and cemetery worker facilities, while the other section houses offices and teaching rooms.

The two sections are linked by a passageway open to the sky. Along the passageway are installed six round OWEN L800U lights, providing both light and contrast in terms of shape to the many vertical elements of the building. OWEN L800U adds a welcoming touch in other locations, such as by the entrance doors.

Vonsild Parish House received Kolding Kommunes Arkitekturpris (Kolding Municipality Architecture Award) in 2020. The building was also among the nominees for Archdaily’s Building of The Year 2020 in the category Public and Landscape Architecture.

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