Property developer: VUC Syd
Architect: AART Architects, Zeni Arkitekter, COWI
Year built: 2013
Products: COVER L701, COVER L702


The Lighthouse building was built in 2013, then as the main building for the VUC South Educational Centre. As part of the award-winning architecture at the Port of Haderslev, it was important that the construction allowed for contact between people on many levels. Inside, for example, glass walls have been used facing a large, common atrium courtyard. Externally, on all floors, the centre opens out towards urban spaces and the waterfront.

The lighting accentuates access to the building and provides cohesion between all of the areas involved.

The COVER L702 bollard directs visitors towards the centre’s entrance using a series of lights. The line of light continues around the building, where the low bollards allow a view of the harbour basin.

Spaces and parking around the Lighthouse are illuminated by the post light from the same lighting series, the COVER L701.

Choosing COVER, created a good sense of cohesion between the new waterfront and the Streetdome Skate Park, where products from the COVER series have also been used.


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