NYE L1004 pullertlampe med træsæde
ANTO L1012 bollard light
Bollard in corten steel NYE L1002
NYE L1003 bollard light
Luplau Poulsen Architects
Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Friis & Moltke Design
Jan Fugl and Kai Hansen
Friis & Moltke Design
Anne Qvist Design Office
Torben Rix and Ole Bruhn
Peter Bysted
Peter Bysted
Tom Stepp

Bollard lights

Be inspired by these examples of bollard lights used to light pathways, waterfronts and parking lots.

INSPIRATION Bollard lights

Bollard Lights

The bollard – the low, outdoor light – is an indispensable design element for many landscape architects. Few lighting products, like the bollard light, have the ability to emphasise a landscape, provide direction and create a mood all at the same time. That is why we are very passionate about designing bollards at Lampas.

Like all our other lighting products, our bollard lights aim to create atmosphere, whether it is light or dark.

In daylight, the shape and colour of the bollard should accentuate the surroundings with a well-thought out, stylish design. The bollard light can attract attention or deflect it, depending on the objective of the architect’s choice in lamp. The COVER L702 is characterised by a transparent shade, which blends into the background, drawing attention to the surroundings in daylight. The FACET L104, on the other hand, appears as a clearly defined prism made of steel during the daytime.

In the dark, a bollard light should provide a comfortable and secure light that is neither blinding nor creates light pollution. Many of our bollards can be supplied with a one-sided light to prevent the light from scattering more than necessary.

Bollards with light, which accentuate architecture and landscape

At Lampas, we work closely with architects and designers to create exceptional lighting products that are also an aesthetic experience in daylight.

Our bollard lights are created to accentuate architecture and landscape design. They complement the urban space or landscape with vastly different designs.

The NYE L1002 is a bollard light that is both rustic and modern. In Corten steel, it appears as a block of rust-red iron, creating an atmospheric, nice, warm light. The NYE L1002 fits into classic environments or modern buildings equally well. It was designed by VE2 in connection with the development of the Nye Residential Development in Aarhus. In 2020, the entire NYE series was named Best of the Best in the lighting category by the internationally acclaimed design organisation Red Dot Award.

With the OUTFIT L901, Anne Qvist Design Office has designed a decorative bollard with a light. Although the flat front of the light is simple, you still notice the oval shape which folds around it, giving the light its character. When switched on, the OUTFIT L901 stands out with its fine lighting details both downwards and upwards. Create unity across the residential area by choosing to use the entire series of bollards, wall light and mailbox.

The KONUS L1201 is a simple light bollard, whose design is epitomised by the four thin steel rods that enclose it, and whose name comes from the inner, illuminated cone. The bollard, designed by architects Torben Rix and Ole Bruhn, is robust in its simplicity and casts a fine, circular light around it. It’s perfect for illuminating winding paths.

Bollards and lighting requirements

We are happy to advise on the degree of light our bollards emit and how this affects where they should be placed. Some of our bollards are designed to provide a lot of light, others to provide a lot of atmosphere. The light dispersion is less from the low bollard than from the high post light. Therefore, in some cases a combination of bollard lights and post lights is required to meet the requirements of a particular lighting class.

On the other hand, bollard lights provide some options that lighting at a height does not. A series of closely spaced bollards can highlight a hilly landscape in a completely different way than a series of post lights can.

Bollards with lights are generally good at providing directional guidance in the countryside – along footpaths, driveways, promenades and waterfronts. Our two lamps, the VEKSØ L1101 and the LIGHTHOUSE L209, are designed specifically for coastal environments.

When using bollards to demarcate an area, the ADDO L96 is a good example of a flexible bollard, which can be included as an architectural element in the landscape plan, and which can be supplied with lights on one, two, three or four sides or with no light at all. In Hjerting Strandpark, bollards alternate with and without light and the effect created is wonderful.

Bollard in corten steel

Bollard lights from Lampas are available in hot-dip galvanised steel or with a powder coating. Lampas also produces two bollards, which we offer in materials that are designed to rust. The NYE L1002, which is made of Corten, and the LIGHTHOUSE L1101 can be supplied in untreated cast iron. Although the surfaces appear similar, the two bollards each have their own design. The NYE L1002  gives the impression of a modern exterior light with a warm, rustic look, while the LIGHTHOUSE L1101 clearly conjures up the feel of a maritime environment.

All our bollard lights can be delivered in the RAL colour that is specified in the company’s design manual or that matches the building’s identity.