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Advice on lighting

Advice on lighting is naturally included when you choose a light from Lampas. We have extensive knowledge and experience to offer you and your project, whether large or small.

We can help in creating good lighting indoors and out, and we have extensive knowledge of lighting requirements, lighting standards and lighting plans.

Here are some of the lighting aspects we can help with.

Get help with lighting plans

A lighting plan shows the positioning of the lights at the location and is the starting point for light calculations at the project site. The plan documents, for example, that street-lighting fulfils requirements, and is often directly included in the documentation for the client.

The lighting plan also gives insight into any specific technical requirements for the lights. We can help with a plan for your specific project. Get in touch with us here.

Fulfilling lighting requirements

Lighting requirements are found in a variety of places, e.g. in national standards and regulations. The requirements typically cover car parks, roads and other important locations, where the lighting requirements ensure there is adequate light.

We have extensive experience of lighting in projects and can offer advice relating to both the lighting requirements for the location and the possibilities for the individual light.

Incorporating lighting from the start

When creating architecture, landscapes, and residential and business districts, it’s a smart idea to think about lighting from the start of the project. The choice of lights and their positioning is hugely significant to the overall look, but also relevant with regard to cable routing, planning and many other factors, so it’s useful to consider it early in the project.

Basically, the earlier you contact us about lighting for your project the better.

Avoid light pollution

Light pollution is frequently mentioned as the risk of not being able to view the stars in the night sky. However, light pollution can also be a problem in other ways. For example, near windows of dwellings. Choose lights for footpaths or pavements that will not be an annoyance to nearby residents. Half shades or one-way light distribution may also be worth considering. When coming up with lighting for stairwells and corridors, it’s essential to ensure the luminosity is not blinding for passing residents.

Contact us to chat about lighting properties, to ensure a positive light experience for everyone.

Switch to LED lighting to save money and reduce CO2 emissions

At Lampas we are keen supporters of LED upgrades, as this provides a new energy-saving and luminous lease of life for our classic and iconic lights.

We have developed ready-made LED replacement kits for our lights, and we are happy to help in calculating savings and payback times for LED replacements. Contact us for a calculation.

Contact us

Call or e-mail our lighting consultant if you need advice about lighting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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