Property developer: Haderslev Kommune
Electrical contractor: Norlys, EWII
Architect: Haderslev Kommune, C.F. Møller Architects, Rambøll
Year built: 2004 – 2020
Products: COVER L303, COVER L702

Haderslev Harbour

Since 2003, Haderslev Municipality has been transforming the Port of Haderslev into a residential urban environment. The work was carried out in stages according to a master plan devised by C.F. Møller Architects.

The municipality chose the COVER L303 pole light and COVER L702 bollard lighting for the quayside and paths. The transparent screens of these two lights lead the observer´s gaze up towards the sky or out across the fjord.

Because of the harbour´s position at the end of Haderslev Fjord, the municipality particularly wanted to ensure that lighting would continue to work in the event of flooding. The solution to this was to locate the pole’s terminal higher up at a height of two metres.

Lampas has supplied Haderslev Harbour with lighting products on several occasions. In 2018, when the municipality was in the process of converting all the lighting to LED lighting, Lampas upgraded the oldest COVER lights along the harbourside to LED.

Engineer, Camilla von Holstein from Haderslev Municipality was responsible for the harbourfront lighting.

“In operational terms, the lighting supplied by Lampas works impeccably. Every year, water is pushed up into the fjord and floods the harbour for a couple of days. The high positioning of the terminal means that we never have any problems with the pole lights when that happens. It was very easy to convert to LED. When you have a pole that is in perfectly good condition and is still attractive to look at, then it´s nice that you can keep it and just convert the light source to LED using a kit,” she says.


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