Sustainability at Lampas

As a company, Lampas aims to take responsibility for all three aspects of sustainability – social and environmental sustainability, as well as financial sustainability.

We implement the HITSA Group’s 2020 sustainability strategy. In addition, we have two focus areas that are unique to us as a lighting manufacturer: LED upgrades and light pollution.

HITSA’s sustainability strategy sets out six focus areas:

• CO2 reduction
• Sustainability certification
• A circular economy
• Materials and suppliers
• Social sustainability
• Sustainability at sites registered to HITSA

As part of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, the HITSA Group will expand its CO2 accounts in 2024 to include Scope 3 emissions. For several years, the group has been calculating its impact under Scope 1 and 2 (own production and energy consumption). Including our Scope 3 emissions (from suppliers) will put us in a better position to influence our overall CO2 emissions through purchasing and choice of materials.

As part of sustainability certification, the Group will prepare LCAs (life cycle assessments) and implement Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) during 2024. An EPD is a product-level environmental declaration that aims to make the product’s environmental impact clearer and more easily comparable for our customers.

As part of work towards a circular economy, Lampas is developing a concept for a circular business model in which Lampas products are taken back for reuse or recycling. Work on this concept is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

LED upgrades and light pollution

In addition to being part of the group’s overall sustainability strategy, Lampas has two focus areas that are specific to lighting: LED upgrades for existing lights and reducing light pollution.

LED upgrades involve replacing outdated light sources in existing lights with LED light sources. This allows you to reuse lights, while reducing power consumption. All in all, you save on resources in the form of money, materials and power, while cutting down on CO2 emissions. Lampas has developed, and is continuing to develop, LED kits for our popular lights. Find out more about LED lighting upgrades here.

Awareness of light pollution and the problems it causes is growing  worldwide. Lampas aims to offer lighting products that minimise light pollution and help to preserve nighttime darkness. We have chosen DarkSky Approved certification for our lights as a credible and well-documented label and our range includes a wide selection of DarkSky Approved lights. Find out more about Dark Sky here.

Find out more about sustainability at Lampas

You can find out more about how the HITSA Group’s sustainability strategy is being implemented by Lampas in the following document: Sustainability at Lampas.

You can also find out about the HITSA Group’s sustainability work and the results of our efforts in our 2022 CSR report. The report covers HITSA and Lampas.

Find documentation on products, processes and sustainability in Lampas here.


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