Cubo Architects

Cubo Architects

The collaboration between Cubo and Lampas started back in 1998, which is when the first designs were developed. Owen was the first light fitting, demonstrating Cubo’s intention to provide expressive lamps that cast multiple forms of light. The primary illumination is combined with secondary illumination, giving the fitting an added detail and a certain functional individuality.

With a focus on integrating architecture and design, Cubo has developed a series of light fittings that support the work of the architect’s office, with optimum lighting of location and space. Cubo develops both indoor and outdoor lighting, and considers it essential to good building design that the lighting also accentuates the correlation between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lamps should be visible and contribute to the overall impression of quality in any interior. Carefully integrated into the ceiling surface, a light fitting should have capacity to create calm and cadence between the many diverse technical installations.

The collection has been pared back over the years, but we are delighted with its durability, with several of the initial designs still in production, although now fully updated in keeping with modern demands for output and light quality.

Read the interview with Per Ravn from Cubo in the Lampas catalog:

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