Jan Fugl and Kai Hansen


Jan Fugl and Kai Hansen launched their design business in 1986. Jan Fugl was awarded an MA in Architecture and Architect MAA by Aarhus School of Architecture in 1977, while Kai Hansen trained as a silver engraver (graduating in 1961) and designer mDS (member of DesignSalon). Their FACET L104 bollard was designed in 1988.

“In 1988, we entered into a partnership with Lampas to develop a new lighting series. This series introduced an indirect lighting concept to the Lampas lighting range. Over time, we developed a number of other light fittings for both indoor and outdoor use,” they explain.

Of the original series, the FACET L104 is still being produced by Lampas now.

Working in partnership with Lampas, Jan Fugl and Kai Hansen endeavoured to work with simple geometry as the basis for a universal idiom, simple production and functional, anti-glare lighting technology.

From the very start of the design business shared by Jan Fugl and Kai Hansen, their assignments have extended from furniture and lighting design to the design of a wide range of industrial design products. Their partnership has resulted in a number of architectural and design awards in Denmark and Japan in fields as varied as waste sorting, technical installation design, ethics, layout and devices for the disabled.

“The fundamental factor in the work we do on every design assignment is our ambition to achieve the perfect synthesis between form, material and function. This synthesis is particularly important to us when it comes to our work on lights and lighting design,” say Jan Fugl and Kai Hansen. “The interaction of the light with the material and its surfaces, colour, geometry and form have a crucial part to play in the creation of a functional light that creates atmosphere.”

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