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Customers have experienced a better light quality and a lower power consumption, among other things. Check out some of our projects.

Cases with LED lighting upgrades

LED Lighting Upgrade

An LED lighting upgrade using a retrofit kit is a sustainable choice, where you replace the lighting technology in existing lights instead of replacing the whole light. If you implement this for all lighting at a particular location, indoor and outdoor areas – car parks, stairwells, footpaths, etc. – it yields a substantial saving of resources.

LED is the light source offering the lowest power consumption and the longest useful life. You save on power, but also other important resources such as money and CO2 emissions. The long useful life of the light source is a plus for both the property owner and the environment, since the light source will need replacing far less often. Moreover, when you re-use as much as possible of the existing light, you are further cutting down on consumption of resources.

An LED lighting upgrade using a retrofit kit also means that you can keep lights that you are happy with, while upgrading to the latest technology. We can supply LED retrofit kits that are compatible with control and dimming devices such as Dali, Casambi, Dynadimmer or 1-10 volt, for example. The colour temperature of the light can also be decided by the customer.

LED lighting upgrade using retrofit kit

Lampas lights feature timeless design and are made from durable materials. So an older Lampas light is often still in great condition decades after being supplied. However, when it come to the lighting technology inside the light, there have been huge advances since the first Lampas lights were produced in 1971.

Therefore Lampas is continuously developing retrofit kits for our classic lights. We believe that the best results are achieved with LED kits developed and supplied by the original supplier of the light. This ensures that the kit matches the internal and external configuration of the light, and the light experience is the same or better after the replacement. In addition, as the supplier, we can vouch for the CE labelling and manufacturer’s warranty for the new components in the upgraded lighting.

Here at Lampas we can also recommend other improvements to accompany the LED lighting upgrade. This could be, for example, replacing the older plastic shade, since new shades are often made from types of plastic that are optimised for LED and provide better light diffusion.

An LED lighting upgrade is sustainable in a variety of ways

Most people immediately think of saving power and cutting down on CO2 emissions, when considering upgrading to LED, and more efficient/reduced power consumption and lower CO2 emissions are certainly other obvious reasons for switching to LED technology. However, there are also other major benefits from upgrading to LED using a retrofit kit.

One of the advantages is that LED units have a longer useful life than other light sources. Quite simply, they need replacing less often. While a compact fluorescent tube has a useful life of 10-20,000 hours, an equivalent LED unit has a useful life of 50-120,000 hours. If you switch from discharge lamps, the gain in terms of useful life is even greater. The lower resource consumption of light sources helps to make LED an even more sustainable and climate-friendly choice. For property owners, the long useful life means easier operation and maintenance and fewer lighting problems as a result.

When Lampas undertook an LED lighting upgrade of the BALLO lights in the Fionia building in Odense, the reduced frequency of replacement was a particularly big advantage. After all, the pendant lights hang in a space with a very high ceiling. This necessitated the use of a lift and cordoning off the area every time a bulb needed replacing. The pendant lights are now fitted with light sources that will last for a number of years before needing replacement. The LED upgrade kit developed for the BALLO pendant light can be purchased here.

LED upgrade kit saves on power and CO2 emissions

There is also the aesthetic gain from re-using the existing light. You preserve the overall design created by an architect or interior designer that the light was intended to complement.

Lighting technology has advanced rapidly from the point when LED was invented. Consequently, it doesn’t take many years before an LED lighting upgrade using a retrofit kit can be a worthwhile investment for your lights and light fittings. Even lighting installed since 2000 is in some cases non-LED or uses LED technology that has now been overtaken.

Retrofit kits for OWEN and PIN lights

Retrofit kits for Lampas lights have been developed by Lampas in collaboration with electrical contractors. They are therefore fully compatible with the lights and their design. We have taken the opportunity every time to improve the polar curve from the light.

With the retrofit kit for OWEN lights this means that we recommend that the shade also be replaced when replacing the lighting technology. Modern types of plastic provide better diffusion. For our OWEN lights, this means, for example, that you can’t discern the spots of light from the LED board behind the shade. Find out more about the LED upgrade kit for the round OWEN light here and the LED upgrade kit for the rectangular OWEN light here.

With our PIN lights we also recommend replacing the shade when upgrading to LED. Find out more about the upgrade kit for the PIN bollard here  and the upgrade kit for the PIN post light here.

We are continuously developing retrofit kits for our lights, often in connection with specific requests. So if you’re a customer, property owner or light owner, we encourage you to contact us if you are considering an LED lighting upgrade for any existing Lampas lighting.