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LED upgrade, Nordea, Odense

Better light, lower power consumption and reduced CO2 emissions were the various benefits when Lampas, in collaboration with LINDE EL A/S, upgraded the BALLO lights in the old Fionia Bank building in Odense to LED technology. It also meant that the businesses in the building could retain the attractive white dome lights.

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Energinet Headquarters, car park 

Energinet’s headquarters in Fredericia were constructed in 2007, with architecture by Hvidt & Mølgaard and landscaping by Kristine Jensen’s design studio.

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Nye residential area

Nye is a new residential development built north of Aarhus in 2016, where the focus is on sustainability. NYE is also the name of an award-winning lighting series created by VE2 and Lampas, which is named after the development.

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Kildebjerg Ry residential area

The KILDEBJERG L910 street light was developed especially for the Kildebjerg Ry Residential Development, where the light adds character and creates coherence among the various buildings.

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Skanderborg Bakker residential area

The cohesive plan for the Skanderborg Bakker Residential Development was created by Arkitema Architects, who included the terrain and the view of Skanderborg Lake in the plan.

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Giber Å residential area

The grey, hot-dip galvanised mailboxes harmonise perfectly with the white, stuccoed houses in Friis & Moltke’s architecture for the residential area Giber Å near Mårslet.

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Haderslev Harbour

Since 2003, Haderslev Municipality has been transforming the Port of Haderslev into a residential urban environment. The work was carried out in stages according to a master plan devised by C.F. Møller Architects.

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VUC South, Haderslev

The Lighthouse was built in 2013, then as the main building for the VUC South Educational Centre. As part of the award-winning architecture at the Port of Haderslev, it was important that the construction allowed for contact between people on many levels. Inside, for example, glass walls have been used facing a large, common atrium courtyard. Externally, on all floors, the centre opens out towards urban spaces and the waterfront.

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