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Belysning i FÆNGSLET - Vestsalen er belyst med OWEN lamper


Circular OWEN lights from Lampas have been used for the West Hall at FÆNGSLET, Horsens. See more photos from the transformation.

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Ligthing for a parking lot

Kolding Sky

With bollards and post lights from the same range, the PIN lights provide a cohesive look across the footpaths and car park.

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Vonsild Parish House

The lighting at the award-winning Vonsild Parish House by Cubo Arkitekter includes round, outdoor OWEN lights from Lampas.

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Hospice Djursland

Post light QUINTUS L500 was the choice for lighting by the parking lot at the award winning architecture of Hospice Djursland.

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Nordea Bank

Old BALLO pendants have been successfully upgraded to LED in Nordea Bank.

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PIN post lights were chosen for the car park at Energinet. The lights have later been upgraded to LED.

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Sustainable lighting in Nye, Denmark

Nye Village

NYE wall lights and bollard lights were named after the sustainable residential area Nye in Denmark.

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Hjerting Waterfront

Bollards with and without light line the paths along the waterfront in Hjerting. The bollards withstand floods.

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Skanderborg Bakker

Street lamps, bollards, wall lamps and mailboxes from Lampas are used in the residential area Skanderborg Bakker.

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Giber Å

Mailbox LIBER L17 was chosen for residential area Giber Å in Denmark. The mailbox is designed by Friis & Moltke Design.

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Moesgaard Museum

The expansion of the Moesgaard Museum and the surrounding landscape was carried out in 2014. The cultural history museum, which the architectural firm Henning Larsen has built into one of the hillsides in Skåde, is a visual and architectural icon.

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Kildebjerg Ry

The KILDEBJERG L910 street light was developed especially for the Kildebjerg Ry residential development.

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Haderslev Harbour

COVER post lights and bollard lights are used for lighting at the harbour in Danish city Haderslev. The lamps are designed to be flood safe.

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The lighting chosen for the car park and paths around the Lighthouse building was COVER post light and bollard light.

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