Studio Hammer

Danish designer Bjarne Hammer

“The basic concept behind Studio Hammer is: Design shapes change. The aim of Studio Hammer therefore is to help businesses in creating positive changes and solutions for users,” says architect Bjarne Hammer, who set up Studio Hammer in 2021.

Studio Hammer operates across the fields of both architecture and design. The positive changes that the studio aims to be involved in generating through specific projects could be technical, aesthetic or ethical. Bjarne Hammer founded the business with a strong focus on ethical perspectives, in particular the need to incorporate climate responsibility and sustainability into building traditions.

Consequently, the MIRUM L1400 streetlight has been designed with the aim of a long useful life, easy recycling and low light pollution, in addition to serving as an attractive and effective streetlight.

Bjarne is an entrepreneur with many years of experience, achievements and accolades to his name, mostly as co-founder and long-time creative director of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. Over the years he has designed sound-dampening ceilings, national libraries and everything in between, including lighting.

“The creative process, from discussion and analysis through to concept and result, is the same, regardless of whether you’re creating a building or a light,” he says.

“One specific requirement when designing lighting is to ensure that the light is pleasing in appearance and authentic both when illuminated and not illuminated. For much of the day, the light is not providing illumination, but is merely an object suspended in the air. But once lit, the light is absolutely key to the atmosphere of the location. Light is fundamental,” says Bjarne.

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