Property developer: Kildebjerg Ry A/S
Electrical contractor: Aura Energi
Architect: Jens Stensgaard, Cebra m. fl.
Year built: 2006
Products: KILDEBJERG L910

Kildebjerg Ry

The KILDEBJERG L910 street light was developed especially for the Kildebjerg Ry residential development, where the light adds character and creates coherence among the various buildings.

The KILDEBJERG L910 is used as continuous street lighting along roads and bicycle paths. As a street light, it is used in black. Around the activity area Pulsparken, which includes facilities such as a skate park and sensory zone, it is used in white and rust-red Corten paint to achieve the best interaction with the architecture.

The consistent use of the KILDEBJERG L910 throughout the district means that Kildebjerg Ry has a feeling of familiarity when people go about their business in the area. The light’s well-thought out design provides a quality experience for the entire area.

Since 2006, Lampas has supplied Kildebjerg Ry with approximately 500 street lights in varying heights, and then in 2019, also upgraded them to LED.

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