Attractive, classic post light now available with upgraded lighting technology

Gadelampe med LED-enhed

Attractive, classic post light now available with upgraded lighting technology

We have upgraded the BALLO L807 post light with brand new lighting technology.

BALLO L807 is an attractive, distinctive street light that has been popular since its launch in 2000. The light has now been optimised technically, giving it up-to-date optics that fulfil lighting requirements associated with footpath and street-lighting, car parks, etc. For one thing, the light distribution can be configured as needed for the specific location, and the light can be combined with controls.

The characteristic look of the light has been retained, so different generations of BALLO L807 can easily be installed side by side.

Popular post light with upgraded LED lighting technology

BALLO L807 features a white dome-shaped shade attached to an angular post and arm. The illuminated white, curved shade together with the angled post give BALLO L807 a very distinctive silhouette for street and road lighting.

“It is installed in many locations throughout the country and adds a touch of character to those areas, with its very appealing and welcoming look. It’s a light that deserves to be selected for its design rather than being rejected owing to its lighting technology. Consequently we are pleased that BALLO L807 has been successfully upgraded with up-to-date lighting technology,” says the Head of Lighting at Lampas, Søren Lauritsen.

Cubo Arkitekter is responsible for BALLO L807’s distinctive design. The post light is part of a range, which also includes street-lighting and indoor pendants.

If you are one of our many customers with an older version of the BALLO L807 light installed, and if you would like to switch to the new optics, please contact our lighting consultant. It is possible to upgrade the technology in existing lights.

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