MIRUM L1400 – a new, different streetlight fixture from Studio Hammer

Road lighting with MIRUM L1400

MIRUM L1400 – a new, different streetlight fixture from Studio Hammer

MIRUM L1400 is a new streetlight with any number of uses. In terms of lighting technology, MIRUM L1400 can meet all road and street lighting needs. With its compact, side-mounted housing and the option of specially designed post arms, MIRUM L1400 can also be used for unique urban lighting in squares and parks.

Architect Bjarne Hammer, who is behind Studio Hammer, designed MIRUM L1400.

“The desire was to create a streetlight with the least possible light pollution. Therefore the light source is placed high in the housing and the housing itself is completely closed at the top,” says Bjarne.

“We also wanted the fixture to be exciting to experience in both daylight and darkness. It forms part of the urban landscape as a discreet, friendly object that helps to soften the setting,” he says.

A streetlight with charisma

MIRUM L1400 can be combined with a number of unique post arms, which are produced to order according to the customer’s wishes. The side-mounted light fixture can therefore be used throughout the city, from approach roads, where functional street lighting is needed, to squares and parks, where more striking lighting may be desired. Contact our lighting consultant to learn more about the possibilities of post arms.

“We set out to create a new streetlight fixture,” says Lampas Lighting Manager Søren Lauritsen. “During the design process we realised that this light can do much more than street lighting. You could call it a streetlight with charisma. We’re very excited to see how architects and urban planners will use MIRUM L1400.”

MIRUM L1400 is made of aluminium, a material that has a long useful life and can be easily recycled. MIRUM L1400 can be used on posts up to 12 metres in height.

Find information, photos for downloading, quote details, etc. about MIRUM L1400 here.

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