New LED light fixture in three lengths provides creative possibilities

Nyt LED vægarmatur ses med Jørn Poulsen fra Luplau & Poulsen Arkitekter

New LED light fixture in three lengths provides creative possibilities

We are now launching LINES L310, a wall and ceiling light in three different lengths and featuring simple design details, that provides new possibilities for creating lighting experiences.

LINES L310 is an LED light fixture designed by Luplau & Poulsen Arkitekter.

The three LINES light fixtures are 300 mm, 600 mm and 900 mm and can be combined to create distinct ambiences or used individually, with each providing its own unique look.

“The concept arose from the desire for a wall light that would emit light in two directions. It should be a typical Lampas product, i.e. be characterised by a simple and straightforward design. The fixture is available in a variety of colours, brightness levels and dimensions, which opens up new, creative design possibilities and lighting concepts,” says Jørn Lyager Poulsen from Luplau & Poulsen Arkitekter.

Luplau & Poulsen have previously designed lighting for Lampas, in the form of the PIN range and COVER L303.

“We are delighted to be working with Jørn and Erik again. LINES is a simple, stylish and highly practical lighting design, just like PIN and COVER,” says Søren Lauritsen, Lighting Manager at Lampas.

LED light fixture for corridors and stairwells

LINES L310 is characterised by a sleek frame with a delicate glow spilling out to the sides. The frame is aluminium – with the natural, raw look of a glass-blasted finish. LINES is also available powder-coated. The front of the frame is accentuated by two long, straight lines, which also give the light its name.

The light spills out to the sides in a soft glow, drawing attention to the texture of the wall or ceiling.

Viewed from the side, LINES L310 forms a rectangular field of light, making it ideal for marking doors, entrances, corridors and stairwells. LINES L310 delivers communication in the form of light, conveying a sense of direction and architectural lines, in locations where people are coming and going.

You can find more information, photos for downloading, and more about the LINES L310 wall and ceiling lights here.

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