Technical specifications


Light distribution
Direct and rotationally symmetrical distribution of light

Pole and fitting in hot galvanized steel or powder coated hot galvanized steel

Polycarbonate Satiné-Blend lamp cover, LED optimized

2860 mm / 3310 mm / 3810 mm

Light source
LED 34W/830/6700Lm. 50Khrs

For casting or flange mounting. Earth spike or flange is included


3 cables max. 5×10 mm². Connection box and fuse are included

Classification: IP54. IK10. Insulation safety class II
Weight 40 / 44 / 48 kg.


Design: CUBO Architects

The SOMBRERO L805 post light appears like a luminous floating ring in the dark, when it is lit and has a solid, well-defined look in daylight when it is switched off.

The combination of vertical pole and horizontal screen gives the SOMBRERO L805 a distinctive look, that interacts with the building and landscape architecture to bring out the best in all of them.

The SOMBRERO L805 is an outdoor post light that is suitable for use near paths, pavements, entrances and in car parks. It has also be used with great success in corridors with high ceilings and plenty of space, where it creates the same kind of atmosphere as a street light would.

Pole light with LED for car parks and paths

The light fitting itself – the illuminated ring – is attached to the pole by three slim metal rods. The post goes through and protrudes above the horizontal ring. The LED fitting shines directly downwards without any reflectors. That is why the SOMBRERO L805 illuminates itself and the surface below it, but creates very little light pollution in a sideways direction. It provides a rotationally symmetrical polar curve.

The post and ring are made of steel and can be supplied in hot-dip galvanised steel or powder coated hot-dip galvanised steel. The screen is made of satiné polycarbonate which provides a glare-free, diffuse light.

The SOMBRERO L805 was designed by Cubo Arkitekter in 2000.


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