You can now install the QUINTUS design on Ø 60 mm posts

Gadelampe i dansk design ved cykelsti

You can now install the QUINTUS design on Ø 60 mm posts

The distinctive, appealing QUINTUS cone is now available in a version to fit posts with a top diameter of Ø 60 mm. Together with C.F. Møller Design, we have developed a new light fixture, QUINTUS L500-60, boasting the technical quality and distinctive conical shape of the QUINTUS design.

Traditionally, Ø 60 mm posts have been the standard for lighting along roads and footpaths and in car parks. The post often lasts well and can go on for many years after the light fixture, for any number of reasons, needs replacing.

“We wanted to offer a good-quality replacement light fixture for municipalities, utility companies and housing associations that want to reuse posts and avoid excavation work when replacing street light fixtures. It’s a more sustainable and resource-conscious solution in numerous ways,” says Søren Lauritsen, Lampas’ Lighting Manager.

“As a conical streetlight with an appealing light, QUINTUS is ideal for its purpose. At the same time it’s a classic Lampas light, as it provides a design experience over and above fulfilling a technical function,” he says.

Like the classic QUINTUS L500, QUINTUS L500-60 has a base of slightly tapered tubing, echoing the design of the cone-shaped shade.

QUINTUS L500-60 is a post light that delivers more than simply necessary illumination. It enhances the urban environment and helps to create a welcoming streetscape.

You can find more information, photos for downloading, quote details, and more here.

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