BALLO’s simple outline is ideal for top-mounted urban lighting

BALLO’s simple outline is ideal for top-mounted urban lighting

When installing wire-mounted lighting in urban spaces, you can now use the gently-curved, dome shape of the BALLO design. We have just launched the BALLO L808 top-mounted luminaire on our website, following a number of projects in which this distinctive suspended light has been used as a special product.

Catenary luminaires have a special capacity to enhance the urban landscape from above. With illumination from a string of BALLO L808 domes in the air above pedestrian zones, city users get a feeling of space high above their heads.

BALLO L808 can be used along alleys where there is no space to install posts, or along streets where you want to enhance the character of the area with well-designed, welcoming lighting.

Create evocative urban spaces with suspended street lighting

BALLO L808 is available with various types of optics to cover a wide range of lighting requirements.

It can also easily be installed using existing cables.

BALLO L808 has the same timeless and simple quality as the rest of the BALLO range. The range includes two other products for road and street lighting: the BALLO L807 post light and the BALLO L809 streetlight fixture. This allows for a cohesive look across different areas of the city with differing lighting needs – e.g. parks, city centres, approach roads, residential areas.

Lighting plans and advice on lighting* are always part of the package when buying lights from Lampas. Get in touch with us whatever the size of your project.

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