Technical specifications

DESIGN: Cubo Arkitekter

Direct, symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. Possibility of project adapted light distribution via a wide selection of light distribution lenses.

Lamp housing: Lampshade in impact resistant opal white polycarbonate. UV resistant
Shade: Acrylic satiné. UV resistant

Lamp housing: Ø500 mm. H: 650 mm
Weight: 10,9 kg

Luminous efficacy: 115,7 Lm/W @3000K, 80Ra
Lumen: >6016Lm @3000K, 80Ra

LED type: Philips Fortimo FastFlex
Operational life: >120.000 hours at Ta 25° C. L80B10
Total consumption: Standard 24W (max 53W)
Colour temperature: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Colour rendering: CRI >80 (Std.), CRI>70 (Opt.)
Colour accuracy: 5 steps SDCM

Driver type: Philips Xitanium
Operational life: >100.000 hours
Surge protection: >10 kV
Control: Compatible with Dynadimmer, 1-10V by default. Compatible with DALI, Zhaga book 18 as optional extra.

For wire installation

Supplied with 2M double-sheathed cable 1 x 0.75 mm² mrk.L and 2M cable 1 x 0.75 mm² mrk.N. Other connection possibilities available

IP54, IK08, Insulation safety class II

BALLO L808 Catenary Luminaire

Design: Cubo Architects

BALLO L808 is a wire-mounted street light fixture that brings a distinct look and sense of atmosphere to urban spaces. The shape of the light has a simple, timeless quality. BALLO L808 is lighting that forms part of the streetscape and has its own individual identity without overpowering other elements.

The BALLO range was designed by Cubo Arkitekter. Inspired by the curve of a parabola, the shade is harmonious and well-proportioned in a timeless and classic way.

Catenary luminaires have a special capacity to enhance the urban landscape from above. With illumination from a string of BALLO L808 domes in the air above pedestrian zones, city users get a feeling of space high above their heads.

Suspended street lighting also has the advantage that it can be used along streets and alleys where there is no space to install posts. BALLO L808 can easily be installed using existing cables.

It is available with various types of optics to cover a wide range of lighting requirements.

Top-mounted street light fixture

The white shade is made from impact-resistant, UV-stabilised polycarbonate. The top and suspension tube are made from hot-dip galvanised steel. These components can also be powder-coated.

The light distribution can be circular and symmetrical, asymmetrical or other, depending on the lighting requirements for the particular location. BALLO L808 can be combined with most types of lighting controls.

Choose the colour temperature most appropriate for your project.

Here at Lampas we are happy to provide advice on lighting plans, lighting requirements, light calculations and other technical details affecting the suitability of the lighting and the user experience. Contact our lighting consultant to find out more.

Wire-mounted street lighting

The BALLO L808 catenary luminaire is part of the BALLO lighting range. The gently curved, dome shape is a recurring feature of the range.

For street and road lighting, there is the BALLO L809 streetlight fixture for mounting on a post and the BALLO L807 post light with its distinctive angular post.

The range also includes products for indoor lighting. BALLO L804 is a pendant light in aluminium for meeting rooms, restaurants, etc., while BALLO L804-500 is a pendant for larger rooms with a white, opal shade, ideal for general lighting of large spaces.

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Cubo Architects

“Lights should be designed to be visible and to add quality to the overall experience of a room’s interior,” says Cubo Arkitekter. Their collaboration with Lampas began in 1998.

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