Technical specifications


Light distribution
Indirect and rotationally symmetrical distribution of light

Pole in hot galvanized steel or powder coated hot galvanized steel
Top screen in white fiberglass

Clear shockproof acrylic lamp cover, UV-resistant
Reflector in clear lacquer or orange powder coated aluminium

2950 mm / 3450 mm / 3950 mm

Light source
LED 35W/830/5131Lm. 50Khrs

For casting or flange mounting. Earth spike or flange is included

3 cables max. 5×10 mm². Connection box and fuse are included

Classification: IP54. IK10. Insulation safety class II
Weight 40 / 45 / 50 kg.


Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

The COVER L701 is an elegant post light with slightly curved lines.

It is constructed like the other two COVER lights, in which a post and a luminous tube are combined in a slender cylinder. In the COVER L701, a curve has been added in the form of a convex, horizontal screen made of white fibreglass.

Lighting as an element of the urban environment

The circular screen gives the COVER L701 its own personality. As a post light, its silhouette blends the fairly traditional with modern simplicity. This transforms the COVER L701 into a pole light that is clearly a part of the urban landscape, not only when it is switched on, but also when it is off. If you choose a pole in a dark powder coating, you will find that the contrast between the dark post and white shade works very well.

The horizontal screen also provides lighting. The screen captures the light that is directed upwards, which the LED unit transmits from the pole, reflecting it downwards towards the ground and surroundings for maximum efficiency. The entire portion of the top of the post light also acts as a field of light.

Post light in durable materials

The post of the COVER L701 is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. It can be supplied powder coated in a choice of RAL colours.

The inner screen – the tubular part of the light head is made of 10 mm clear, shockproof acrylic. Acrylic is also UV-resistant, so the screen will retain its transparency for many years to come.

At the top of the inner screen, there is a cone-shaped reflector which is incorporated into the overall design. This little cone is available in clear lacquer or orange, depending on the visual impression the client wishes to make.

The round, horizontal screen is in white fibreglass. To retain efficient reflection of the light in a downward direction from the upper screen, the post light should be cleaned once a year (or as needed).
The COVER L701 provides a rotationally symmetrical distribution of indirect light. The horizontal screen means that the light is distributed without any light pollution upwards.

Both the COVER L701 and the COVER L702 bollard were designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. COVER is also available in a park version without the horizontal screen, as the COVER L303, designed by Luplau Poulsen Arkitekter.

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