Technical specifications


Light distribution
Direct and rotationally symmetrical distribution of light
Optional half shade gives an asymmetrical distribution of light

Pole and half shade in hot galvanized steel or powder coated hot galvanized steel
Nature-anodized or powder coated top and fitting

Satiné shockproof acrylic lamp cover, UV-resistant

3310 mm

Light source
LED 30W/830/4900Lm. 50Khrs

For casting or flange mounting. Earth spike or flange is included

3 cables max. 5×10 mm², 2 cables max. 5×16 mm²
Connection box and fuse are included

Classification: IP56. IK10. Insulation safety class II.
Weight 45 kg.


Design: Luplau Poulsen Architects

The PIN L304 is a pole light which was groundbreaking in its simplicity when it was designed, and whose perfectly proportioned height and diameter still remain razor sharp.

On top of this, the PIN L304 is particularly effective at distributing light outdoors. Use it to illuminate car parks, in residential areas and along paths, where large areas of light are needed to create a sense of security.

An elegant post light that provides effective lighting

The post light is simply a long, narrow cylinder that lights up at one end. The light stands as a slender, elegant, neutral object during the daytime. When it gets dark, it provides plenty of glare-free light from its oblong, illuminating top.

With the PIN L304 you get a lot of light for the amount of energy used. On top of that, the light has been upgraded to LED, making it even more energy-efficient. At the same time, LED also has an advantage design-wise, as the LED module distributes the light evenly throughout the whole cylinder. The satiné screen, which diffuses the light, was also upgraded at the same time to an acrylic type, which is shockproof and UV-resistant.

As well as supplying the new PIN lights with LED, Lampas also converts existing lamps to LED technology. Contact our lighting consultant to hear more.

Post light with unilateral lighting

The PIN L304 can be made with a half shade to provide asymmetrical lighting. This means that it can be used close to residential buildings, along roads and in other places where it is desirable to have light only on one side.

The post is made of hot-dip galvanised steel and is available powder coated in a range of colours. The screen is made of satiné acrylic, while the top and middle rings are made of anodised aluminium.

Pole light and bollard light in the same design by Luplau Poulsen Architects

The PIN L304 was designed by Luplau Poulsen Architects, who also created the bollard version, the PIN L305. When used together in car parks and residential areas, the PIN lights create an impression of cohesiveness in the overall design. The two heights provide allow you to combine functional lighting with atmospheric lighting.

The PIN L304 can be seen outside many buildings in Denmark. Among others, in the square in front of the Opera in Copenhagen. Here, both the post lights and the bollards are used in customised heights that are level with the terrain.

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