Lampas relaunched

Belysningschef på Lampas Søren Lauritsen

LAMPAS relaunched

LAMPAS, the iconic Danish lighting brand for urban spaces, is reborn as part of VEKSØ A/S, under the new name LAMPAS by VEKSØ. LAMPAS is being relaunched with an updated portfolio.

VEKSØ A/S is focusing strategically on lighting and has appointed Søren Lauritzen as Lighting Manager. LAMPAS was founded in the early 1970s and is now making a comeback, with a broad programme of Danish-designed indoor and outdoor lighting products.

The exclusive lighting series that LAMPAS produce were created by leading designers, such as Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, CUBO architects and Friis & Moltke Design A/S.

Søren Lauritzen says “For me personally, it is all about bringing value to the customer by having a strong focus on development and design, in a close collaboration with architects and industry experts. I look forward to bringing the LAMPAS brand and the aesthetic iconic design back in business.

Søren Schultz, CEO of VEKSØ states “Historically, VEKSØ has offered a broad portfolio of lighting products based on LAMPAS, which became part of VEKSØ over a decade ago. Today LAMPAS is still a recognized and well-known brand in the industry. With a renewed strategic focus on lighting, we now launch LAMPAS in Denmark, Sweden and in Europe.”

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Belysningschef Søren Lauritsen

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