Technical specifications


Light source data:
LED type: Philips Fortimo LEDstrip G5
Operational life: min. 70.000 hours v/ta max 25° C. L80B10
Total consumption: 25W (12-39W)
Colour temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Colour rendering: CRI>80
Colour accuracy: 3 steps SDCM
Luminous efficacy: >142 Lm/W

Driver data:
Driver type: Philips Xitanium
Operational life: min. 100.000 hours
Surge protection: >10 kV
Dimming: Dynadimmer, 1-10V, Option for DALI

Insulation safety class II
Weight: 1,6 kg


The retrofit kit here is suitable for the PIN L304 post light, designed by Luplau Poulsen Arkitekter.

The LED unit replaces the PIN light’s fluorescent tube. Power consumption is reduced to 30 W. The useful life of the light source is significantly extended – the LED unit can last at least 50,000 hours.

This makes the an LED lighting upgrade with retrofit kit a sustainable and resource-saving solution.

With some lights it will be necessary to replace the shade along with the top cover and base for the shade when upgrading. This will depend how and when the particular PIN light was produced. Our lighting consultant can help figure out what is necessary in each case.

However, we recommend in all cases that the shade be replaced with an LED-optimised UV-resistant acrylic shade. This will ensure the optimum polar curve from this simple, cylindrical light. Modern shades provide significantly better light diffusion than older polycarbonate shades. In addition, a modern acrylic shade is UV-resistant, so it will not be discoloured by the sun’s rays.

The retrofit kit can be supplied with a colour temperature of 3,000 or 4,000 Kelvin, depending on customer requirements.

The LED driver can also be set to CLO (Constant Lumen Output), if required. We can supply the kit with an LED driver that is compatible with most types of light controls, e.g. Dali.

LED retrofit kit for PIN lights

PIN L304 was designed by Luplau Poulsen Arkitekter in the 1990s. Lighting technology has advanced dramatically since then. The PIN light has undergone continuous product development, and has been available and sold in various versions over the years. Here at Lampas we will be happy to help figure out which retrofit kit is appropriate for specific lights – contact our team.

Retrofit kit for the PIN L305 bollard light can be found here.

LED is the light source offering the lowest electricity consumption and the longest useful life. When upgrading from other light sources to LED, you are therefore not just saving on power. You are also ensuring more efficient use of other important resources, such as time, money and materials, and reduced CO2 emissions. Find out more about LED lighting upgrades here.

Classic lights from Lampas have been produced using many different light sources over the years. It is often possible to upgrade these lights to LED. Contact our team to find out about the available options for LED lighting upgrades for existing products.

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PIN post lights were chosen for the car park at Energinet. The lights have later been upgraded to LED.

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