We are now making it easier to upgrade classic Lampas lights to LED


We are now making it easier to upgrade classic Lampas lights to LED

Lampas is now launching LED retrofit kits for some of its best-selling lights. We are initially offering installation-ready kits for four classic lights, with more kits to come. We’ve made it easy to find retrofit kits with a new area for LED lighting upgrades on Lampas’ website.

LED retrofit kits make it possible to keep your light and simply replace the lighting technology. Lampas lights are long-lasting in terms of both design and materials, but lighting technology has advanced hugely since the first Lampas lights were produced. With LED retrofit kits, customers can enjoy the benefits of LED lighting technology without discarding their iconic, classic designer lights.

As the supplier of the original light, we customise retrofit kits for our lights, so that upgrading is easy for the electrical contractor and yields an identical, or improved, lighting experience for the customer.

Reduce CO2 emissions and save on resources, while improving the lighting experience

LED is the most energy-efficient light source, offering the longest useful life. Upgrading your lighting to LED saves on power and resources, while reducing CO2 emissions. However, there are also other major benefits from LED worth mentioning. LED provides more uniform light and better colour reproduction, and it is compatible with control, dimming and similar systems.

Therefore we are delighted here at Lampas to able to offer our customers an up-to-date lighting experience, while allowing them to keep their classic lights.
LED retrofit kits have so far been developed for BALLO L804-500, OWEN L800 (outdoor and indoor), OWEN L801 (outdoor and indoor) and PIN L305.

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