BALLO range expands with streetlight fixture for posts

Vejarmatur til gadebelysning

BALLO range expands with streetlight fixture for posts

BALLO L809 is a new streetlight fixture, which features the characteristic dome-shaped shade of the BALLO range, while the lighting technology and installation have been optimised to fit requirements for street and road lighting.

BALLO L809 is the first product in the BALLO range to be adapted for installation on post arms. The new streetlight fixture can be used with a number of different types of arms. The optics can be adjusted for differing polar curves, colour temperatures, etc. and can be combined with control systems. BALLO L809 can be used at heights up to 8 metres.

Thanks to this new streetlight fixture, the BALLO light’s appealing and gently curved shape is now also available as traditional street-lighting.

Architect-designed street and road lighting

BALLO L809 is a distinctive fixture that differs from more neutral streetlight fixtures without being too ostentatious and without compromising on the light quality.

The BALLO range was designed by Cubo Arkitekter in 2000. The lighting technology has been updated several times since then, most recently in 2021.

The range also includes BALLO L807, a post light, featuring a white shade in combination with an angled post.

In addition, BALLO is available as an indoor pendant in two designs. BALLO L804 is aluminium and is available in an anodised finish in a range of colours. BALLO L804-500 is a pendant for larger rooms with a white polycarbonate shade.

See the BALLO L809 streetlight fixture here.

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