Technical specifications


Light distribution
Rotationally symmetrical distribution of light

Opal white shockproof polycarbonate

Prismatic shockproof acrylic lamp cover, UV-resistant

Light source
3 x E27 retrofit LED
Light source is not included and must be ordered separately

Ceiling bracket and wires included

2,5 m. cable included

Classification: IP20. Insulation safety class I
Weight 6 kg


Design: Cubo Architects

With a diameter of 50 cm, the BALLO L804-500 is definitely a pendant for the larger room, and provides very effective lighting.

Suspend a series of them from the ceiling at a height to create basic lighting with a pendant that has a homely, attractive appearance.

Pendant for large rooms and institutions

The BALLO L804-500 has a well-rounded white silhouette. It seems at ease with itself and spreads a feeling of calm all around it. The pendant’s soft, cloud-like appearance is a different option within the range of ceiling-mounted functional lighting. Use its decorative qualities to soften the impression of size in a large room, industrial space or institution. It can hang alone where it will carve out a small space of its own in its surroundings in places such as a porch or above a stairwell. It can also be hung in a series to provide a stable element through a larger room.

Work lighting for cafeterias and offices

The pendant is suspended from three cables, which are attached to the shade as part of the design.

The white shade is made of opal polycarbonate with a bottom screen of shockproof acrylic.

The pendant is fitted with a powerful, energy-saving LED light, which enables it to provide ceiling-mounted functional lighting with no problem. Simply put, the BALLO L804-500 provides excellent light in which to work.

In addition to selling new lights featuring LED, Lampas also converts existing lights to LED. If you have older models of BALLO L804-500 hanging up, you should change them to LED. The light is often suspended high up which makes it difficult to change the bulb. LED lights have a longer lifetime, so an upgrade means fewer changes.

Lights in the BALLO Series

The BALLO series includes a total of three indoor and outdoor lighting products. The softly curved, domed shape is repeated in all three lights.

Indoors, the large, white BALLO light can be combined with a smaller version, the BALLO L804 pendant in aluminium, for dining tables and meeting rooms.

For outdoor lighting, the BALLO L807 pole light with its illuminating white dome is available.

The BALLO Series was designed by Cubo Architects in 2000. The BALLO L804-500 light was designed for the Psychiatric Hospital in Aalborg.

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Cubo Architects

“Lights should be designed to be visible and to add quality to the overall experience of a room’s interior,” says Cubo Arkitekter. Their collaboration with Lampas began in 1998.

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Indoor lighting

See examples of indoor pendants, wall lights and ceiling lights used as a design element to support architectural style.

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Lampas Belysningskonsulent Henrik Christoffersen

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