2020 Red Dot: Best of the Best – Lampas wins for NYE

2020 Red Dot: Best of the Best – Lampas wins for NYE

The NYE range wins in the ‘Lighting and Lamps’ category and has been awarded the prestigious Best of the Best distinction at this year’s Red Dot Award.

The NYE range, which was designed for Lampas by VE2, has now been awarded the international Red Dot Award for its outstanding product design. Moreover, the jury opted to award NYE the highest distinction as Best of the Best in the ‘Lighting and Lamps’ category. Out of 6500 products participating across 49 categories, the Best of the Best award is given to only 1,2 % of the competing entries.

This means that Lampas is back in earnest as lamp manufacturer with a one-of-a-kind, uncompromising focus on quality in design and craftsmanship. Lampas designs lighting for urban spaces, buildings, parks and roads.

NYE is made from weathering steel or powder-coated hot-dip galvanised steel and can be described as having a rectangular shape with a wedge cut out of it. This means that NYE casts its light downwardly and then outwards across the ground in soft, illuminating sweeps.

The simple, Nordic design of the bollard has been created in close cooperation with design bureau VE2.

“NYE has a simple concept and a pure artistic style, with its strength lying in minutely designed and well executed details that look solid-cast. The bollard is designed to add value to its surrounding environment. Both during the day, when it impresses with its calm, sculptured look, and at night, when its glowing light stages the lamp,” says designer Hugo Dines Schmidt from VE2.

Lighting Manager at Lampas, Søren Lauritsen, is excited that the company’s first newly designed product for a long time has been awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best prize.

“This is confirmation that we are moving in the right direction by going to the extra trouble of integrating all parameters within the development and manufacture of our lighting, from design and recycling possibilities, through to functionality, lighting technology and ease of installation,” says Søren Lauritsen. “This proves that a close cooperation between architect and manufacturer can result in the creation of exceptional lighting products. We have had wild discussions about things like the radius of the lamp edges. And it has all been worth it.”

For decades, Lampas has been widely recognised for manufacturing lighting with a high quality of design and craftmanship.


Belysningschef Søren Lauritsen

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