Technical specifications


Light distribution
Direct distribution of light with 1 or 2 sided light output

Hot galvanized steel or powder coated hot galvanized steel

Clear shockproof acrylic lamp cover, UV-resistant
White aluminium grid

810 mm

Light source
LED 7W/830/725Lm. 50Khrs. 1-sided light
LED 14W/830/1450Lm. 50Khrs. 2-sided light

For casting or flange mounting. Earth spike or flange is included

2 cables max. 5×4 mm². Connection box and fuse are included

Classification: IP56. IK10. Insulation safety class II
Weight 13 kg.


Design: Friis & Moltke Design

With its square steel pole and a narrow, vertical light panel, the design of the ADDO L96 Bollard Light is totally minimalistic.

At night, it illuminates the countryside with vertical streaks of light in the dark. Its vertical accents, which can be clearly seen no matter whether it is dark or light, are well suited for defining pathways and complimenting architectural lines.

A square bollard with vertical lighting

The ADDO L96 light consists of a square steel tube with a narrow, rectangular opening in a longitudinal direction at the top. The light shines out from here through a panel of slanted slats. This gives the ADDO L96 an elongated light surface. The slats mean the light from the bollard is focussed downwards resulting in very little light pollution upwards.

In daylight, you can almost sense the edges of the ADDO L96 with your eyes. It is one of the few lights that can stand alone as a totally pure, square element. The ADDO L96 functions well when it is placed along pathways, driveways or car parks to complement unusual buildings. See, for example, how well it emphasises the landscape at the Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus.

Light on one or all sides

One of the big advantages of the ADDO L96 is that it can be supplied with light apertures on 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides. This flexibility means the ADDO L96 can be positioned to provide specific focus in a particular area. In some locations, it may be appropriate to open up the ADDO L96 in all directions. Unilateral or all-round lighting can provide light to illuminate the way along paths or near buildings.

The ADDO L96 can also be supplied without any light at all. Use it instead to divide up urban spaces or mark off an area by alternating bollards with light and bollards without any. There is a fine example of this at the Hjerting Waterfront in Esbjerg.

Steel, aluminium and acrylic

The ADDO L96 pole is made of hot-dip galvanised steel which can be powder coated in any RAL colour. The panel of slats is in white aluminium which is covered by a clear, acrylic plate. The acrylic plate is shockproof and UV-resistant, making the ADDO L96 a vandal-proof post light that will not become discoloured when exposed to sunlight.

All four lights in the ADDO series designed by Friis & Moltke Design feature their characteristic, minimalistic lines. The dimensions of the light panel and pole of the ADDO L95 post light and the ADDO L95 MINI bollard are the same, apart from the height. There is also an ADDO wall light, the ADDO L96V, whose cross-sectional dimensions match the small bollard.

The series has been updated to include energy-saving LED light technology. Lampas will also be happy to convert existing lights with older sources of light to LED.

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