Technical specifications


Light distribution
Symmetrical distribution of light. Downlight

Hot galvanized steel or powder coated hot galvanized steel

Prismatic shockproof acrylic lamp cover, UV-resistant

Light source
LED 8W/830/750Lm. 50Khrs
LED 4W/830/500Lm. 50Khrs

Wall mounted. 2 cable inlets backwards

2 cables max. 3×1,5 mm²
2 cable inlets backwards

Classification: IP56. IK10. Insulation safety class I
Weight 3 kg.


Design: Friis & Moltke Design

The ADDO L96V is a super simple wall light with a clean modern look.

It is manufactured from solid 3 mm steel and has a robust look when it sheds its soothing light on the wall.

The ADDO L96V is well-proportioned and its physical dimensions and sturdy size allow it to blend in harmoniously with large buildings and wall surfaces.

Exterior wall light by Friis & Moltke Design

Use ADDO L96V to create a well-lit facade, where the masonry and clear silhouette of the wall light combine to add character to their surroundings. The light can be powder coated in any RAL colour and can therefore be created to match or contrast any facade material.

The ADDO L96V casts a decorative, fan-shaped light on the facade. It is available with down light only or with both up and down lights. The greatest amount of light is provided downwards and is suitable for functional light for trafficked routes along a building.

Durable exterior wall light in steel

With its ultra-simple, robust design, the ADDO L96V harmonises well with new buildings with a modernist style. Its quality and durability are equally suitable for private homes, commercial buildings and public institutions. Combine the exterior wall light with the ADDO L96 bollard and ADDO L95 post light to achieve unity all the way from the building to the exterior areas.

The screen is manufactured in acrylic and the lamp housing is made of hot dip galvanised steel, with powder if requested. All of these materials are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain.

All four lights in the ADDO series designed by Friis & Moltke Design feature their characteristic, minimalistic lines. The series has been updated to include energy-saving LED light technology. The other three lighting products in the series all feature a rectangular light panel. The light panel and post are made in the same dimensions in both the ADDO L95 post light and the ADDO L95 MINI bollard. The ADDO is also available in a smaller bollard, the ADDO L96, whose cross-sectional dimensions match those of the wall light.

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