Nine lights from Lampas Dark Sky Approved

Nine lights from Lampas Dark Sky Approved

A total of nine outdoor lighting products from Lampas have been certified as Dark Sky Approved by the association DarkSky International as of October 2023. Three post lights, three bollards and three wall lights have gained approval as lights that reduce light pollution and light trespass.

This seal of approval means that Lampas can offer a wide range of outdoor lights that take into account wildlife, circadian rhythms and stargazing.

“It is important to us that the lights are high quality in terms of aesthetics, while also being environmentally friendly. All our approved lights are strong in this respect. This gives our customers great scope to protect the environment while creating an appealing ambience,” says Henrik Dejbjerg Møller, Sales Manager at Lampas.

The three Dark Sky Approved post and street lights are MIRUM L1400, SOMBRERO L805 and ANTO L1014. In addition, NYE L1002, NYE L1003 and ANTO L1012 bollards have received the seal of approval. Finally, ELMAR L3, ANTO L1010-160 and ANTO L1010-200 wall lights are Dark Sky Approved.

What is Dark Sky Approved lighting?

DarkSky International awards Dark Sky Approved status to lighting products that reduce nuisance from artificial lighting. A fixture must direct the light downwards, so that it falls where it is needed. This has an impact on how well you can see the stars in the night sky and on the wellbeing of nocturnal and light-sensitive animals and insects. The colour temperature of a Dark Sky Approved light should be no more than 3000 K to reduce blue light, which can disrupt the circadian rhythms of humans and animals.

“This means that the light output is slightly lower, so you have to be more aware of the number and positioning of the lights. As always, we are happy to help with light calculations and lighting plans,” says Henrik.

The post lights from Lampas that have gained approval fulfil the Dark Sky criteria and can also meet the requirements for street and road lighting categories.

The ANTO L1014 post light was chosen in 2022 as dark-sky friendly street lighting for the island of Anholt between Denmark and Sweden. An exemption has been granted here by the road authorities to install fewer street lights than required. The organisation Dark Sky Anholt is in the process of getting the whole island designated as a Dark Sky Place.

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